Valcrist "Val" Atreides

[Elemental - Kujata]
Beautiful, daring but shy miqo'te originated from Isle of Val

  • Age : mid 20

  • Personality : Shy, soft spoken, kind and compassionate

  • Orientation : Bi

  • RP Style : Mature, Casual, 18+

Born as Ehzi Sudiva in a family of Baldesion Scholar, teenage Val is found laying naked by a hyur veteran adventurer, Valcrist Atreides and his wife, Mikazuki Tenshi, when in search of vanishing Isle of Val at Val River, in the Hydathos Area of The Forbidden Land Eureka, an island with thick atmosphere of various aspects of aether, a veritable land of elementals. Both later then find out that the island is actually the displaced Isle of Val, which was thought to have been destroyed during the events of the Seventh Astral Era.

Original Valcrist Atreides and his wife, Mikazuki Tenshi, both perished at The Baldesion Arsenal

Sadly during the expedition, Mikazuki was perished during battle with Absolute Virtue in The Baldesion Arsenal, while Valcrist passed away sacrificing himself into The Black Hole created by Proto Ozma after make sure Ehzi out of the brutal dungeon alive.Even though she survive from the Baldesion Arsenal, she lost all of her memories, and only remember one thing, Valcrist Atreides, hence from that fateful day she took the name of Valcrist for herself. Other than that, the only memories she has is longing for a dearest one, with blurred name engrave on her gyshal ring.

Val has unique traits, once a week she must enter Eureka Hydatos to bathe with aether and need to drink Potion of Harmony while on Eureka to maintaining her body and physique, and everytime she does that, she became virgin again, something that became curse for her.In relationship, Val only care if she feel loved or not. No miqo'te is easier to please than her.
If you’re remorseful , she will forgive.
If you try, she will support.
If you’re sincere, she will accept.
Make her feel loved, she give her all.

Other than The Forbidden Land Eureka, Val usually hang out with her friend at Limsa Lominsa and doing fête with her fellow crafter and gatherer of Firmament Labor Union, dancing and cheering people of the firmament which once gains her the nickname Goddess of The Firmament